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    When ricenroll first opened its store in 2002, we had one very clear goal.
Providing healthy Asian food with quick service. After our first store in Madison, Seattle, we opened Bellevue
Square store. In 2005, we started operating ricenroll stand at Safeco Field Baseball Stadium
At the Safeco Field, our Ichiroll(Spicy tuna with cucumber) became the staple of the Stadium.
It was picked as the best stadium food by NY Times columnist. We started wholesale business
in 2005. Our wholesale division delivers sushi rolls and fresh Asian food items to schools,
company cafeterias, local grocery markets and hospitals.

    In 2006, our Issaquh Highland store was finshed which was converted to Kaiten Sushi & Grill fully in 2010.
    Drive in ricenroll store was added in 2009 at 828 Rainier Ave. S. Seattle. Our last addition is
Albertson's on Mercer Island. we provide Kosher Sushi as well as the regular sushi on site.

    As we expand, we have added Catering service with on site sushi bar service.
Our products can be found at the following locations.
PCC markets, Red Apple Madison park, Swedish Hospital, UW Medical Center, Children's hospital,
Ovelake hospital, Amazon, Forest Ridge, Mercer island High School, Bush School,Holy Name, Amgen, etc

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