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SHIN RAMEN - Famous Korean Spicy Ramen cooked for you
Add egg, kimchee or seafood as you wish. Good with steam rice
KIMBOP - Korean Style Sushi
Original Kimbop, Kimchee kimbop, Bulgogi Beef Kimbop
Fried Rice with Kimchee or chicken
with sesame oil and kimchee or with teriyaki chicken
Mini wrap- tortila wrap with veggies and meats. snack size
teri chicken, spicy chicken,vegetarian tofu, bulgogi beef, teri salmon
tonkatsu pork

  Mochi Ice Cream from Hawaii


Shaved ice with fruits, sweet red beans and mochi on top
Enjoy Shaved ice with various toppings

New Location
Albertson's on Mercer Island 2755 77th Ave. SE Mercer Island
Opens everyday t. 206 232 0244
Kosher and regular sushi available. Kosher catering

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